BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea's first chapter releases today, and as it deals with events after the twists-and-turns thriller of Infinite, there are few options for seeing what it's all about without confronting a faceful of spoilers. 2K Games' launch trailer looks like a safe approach, though.


It's Booker and it's Elizabeth, the two main characters of Infinite, it's Rapture, which we've seen before, just in better times (relatively speaking.) I have no idea who that creepshow doctor(?) is but if I'm gonna have to listen to him rant weird clichés as I pursue him throughout the city, it's gonna be a long day. Actually, it's not that long of a day—about three hours.

Kirk Hamilton supplied his impressions yesterday but yes, they go into great detail about the main story of Infinite; suffice to say, he recommends you finish that game before reading about this, much less playing it. If you're in that camp and for now you just want to see what Rapture looked like before everything went to hell, this will do.


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Considering that Infinite's gameplay was a significant downgrade from the previous BioShocks, why the hell would I even want to play this? There isn't anything substantial here that I should actually care about.