A Special PS Vita Covered in Metal Slime

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Remember the Metal Slime-covered PS4 console that Sony released in Japan last December? This is pretty much the same thing, but it’s a Vita.


Much like how the PS4 console launched with Dragon Quest Heroes, the Metal Slime Vita will be bundled with the Minecraft-ish Dragon Quest Builders. It comes with a pre-installed custom theme, and there is also an actual Metal Slime—the PS4 got one in the form of an USB cover, and here, it’s a headphone jack cover:

The game itself comes in a neat little chest:


Also, there’s another slime hiding in the D-pad. Aw.


The Dragon Quest Metal Slime Edition PS Vita will be out in Japan on the same day as Dragon Quest Builders, on January 28. It’ll cost ¥25,980, or roughly $210, plus tax. No word on whether it’ll make it overseas (its PS4 cousin didn’t—at least not yet).

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