I love going to the movies. I enjoy watching flicks on the big screen with a crowd. But you know what I find annoying? Sharing an armrest.

It's not that I don't want to share, but I don't like how there's the awkwardness of trying to figure out with a stranger in the dark which armrest I can use. Designers from Jiangnan University in China came up with a workaround that lets cinemagoers share armrests in the least awkward way possible.

Dubbed "ArcSeats" and the winner of a Red Dot Design Award, the seats are staggered in, well, an arc shape, allowing people sitting next to each other to use the same armrest without rubbing elbows. The arc shape can also apparently increase the flow of cinemagoers in and out of the theater.


These plan currently exist in idea form only—but this is a neat concept. Now, if these designers could come up with a solution to the one of the other most annoying things at movie theaters: the prices.

ArcSeat [Red Dot]

Photo: CREATISTA/Shutterstock

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