Organized by Raegwyn, a talented veteran player and record breaker, he and 19 other players just gave Mists of Pandaria the proper ending by killing the final boss, Garrosh, on the hardest difficulty, only using Death Knights.

And this is hilarious, because they not only used one class, but also tore apart World of Warcraft's usual tank/dps/healer raid setup, as they all rolled Blood specced tanks to heal themselves with absorbed damage.


Check out their live stream. The kill starts around the 2:25:00 mark.

They weren't messing around with the open raid announcement either:


Hey there this will be my last DK Raid in MoP. Since i plan to clear this at any cost we will start wednesday and go on until its clear.

I require perfect gameplay of anyone who wants to join. Have 14/14 down and be able to play Blood DK perfectly.

So yeah, this is Christmas for those who think Blood DK's are a bit overpowered. But Warlords of Draenor is coming and things might change.

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