As can happen on a service that's normally home to so much shovelware and so many bite-sized games, it's easy to lose sight of the hidden gems that surface on DSiWare from time to time. Like Go! Go! Kokopolo, out this week.


It's a game with a neat premise: you're a cat (well, a wildcat) who spends 80 levels on the run from the bad guys. The aim of it all is to lead the bad guys through levels full of traps, while at the same time avoiding the traps that have been set to get you.

Love that art style. It's like Bubsy the Bobcat was...better.

It's the product of tiny British developer Tanukii Studios, and will be out on Thursday for 800 points.


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So I'm the only one who thinks it looks like pacman CE2. Be chased by ghosts then turn round and eat them.