A Serious, Permanent Metal Gear Solid 3 Fan

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Kotaku reader and Philadelphian "daeeatsall" is not what you might call a "casual" fan of Metal Gear. This pair of Metal Gear Solid 3-inspired tattoos that have effectively eliminated him from the regular workforce are a testament to that, with a "Zombie" facepainted Snake on his right and an Eva on his left. We'll just sit back and admire tattoo artist Bird's work on his hands, keeping our opinions to ourselves. We'd hate for any misconstrued words to be misinterpreted and to be on the receiving end of those meaty fists. Yikes!


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See this is a perfect example of why it's not good to get complex gaming tattoos unless you're with a dependable artist who cares. This looks terrible - Snake's face is warped, and Eva looks like she's put on mounds of eyeshadow and been hit in the face a few times. The coloring isn't bad, but that's not nearly good enough for me if I'm going to get something that large permanently plastered onto my hands.