This man and his slightly awesome hair created the role-playing series Romancing SaGa. The last Romancing SaGa was originally on the Super Famicom (SNES) in 1995. Now Akitoshi Kawazu promises another one before he dies. It's his obligation.

"There are many fans who especially want Romancing SaGa 4," the 48 year-old Kawazu tells "Before I die, it is my duty to make it."


Spin-off SaGa Frontier games were made in the late 1990s for the original PlayStation.

Kawazu is keeping busy with Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, another series he created, but has yet to make ghoulish promises for. - 総勢60名以上のゲームクリエイター&声優/4Gamer執筆陣に聞いてみた「2010年の注目タイトル」と「2011年への意気込み/期待」 [4Gamer] [Pic]

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