A Resident Evil Gun That'll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid

Game themed shirts and figures are nice and all, but they're certainly not unusual. But a Resident Evil pistol? Certainly not standard fare.

This is a replica of Chris Redfield's Samurai Edge firearm. It doesn't shoot bullets, because that would be dangerous. It's an "airsoft gun" and shoots only plastic pellets, which is only sort of dangerous.


The gun originally went on sale in 2000, but sold out quickly. It hasn't been produced since then, and this version is limited. Priced at ¥20,790 (US$244), the gun is made by Tokyo Marui, which is Japan's most famous airsoft gun maker.

This is just one item on the 15th anniversary website for Resident Evil. There are also Jill Valentine figures, t-shirts and even fingerless RE-themed gloves.


株式会社カプコン:ゲーム:バイオハザードシリーズ|バイオハザード15周年記念|15周年記念グッズ [Capcom via Siliconera via Joystiq]

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