Usually, when you hear about games that never make it out into the world, you get a few screenshots. Maybe a trailer teasing what might have been. But the dev studio behind Heavenly Sword and DmC are showing damn near all the work they did on a title that never saw the light of day. It's great reading for anyone curious about how big-budget games get made.

A post on Ninja Theory's Hellblade website opens the vault on Razer, a multiplatform game pitched for PS4, PC and Xbox One that would have also worked with tablets. The game was going to be a massive online co-op title, with players working together in strike teams trying to free Earth from an alien invasion.

You can see everything from marketing trailers to design documents and enemy designs in Ninja Theory's Razer breakdown. If nothing else, a retrospective like this shows just how much money and work go into a AAA video game before it comes into being. The ones that do make it out of the womb have to be very special and specific in what they're trying to accomplish.