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I love games that encourage players to break the rules.

Super Impossible Road is a racing game where sticking to the straight and narrow will probably leave you eating dust (or glowy purgatory specks). Here’s what it looks like:

And here’s how it works:

“SUPER IMPOSSIBLE ROAD is a futuristic racing game about shortcuts. Get ahead of the pack by taking huge leaps across the procedurally generated speedway. These risky overtaking manoeuvres can take you straight into the lead, or drop you mercilessly into the void.”


So basically, it’s like somebody made an entire game about leaping off sections of Rainbow Road in Mario Kart and plummeting into the infinitely ravenous star pit while telling your friends, “I totally always make that jump. I’m just having an off-day. Totally.”

It looks pretty sweet in a hyper-minimal sort of way. Right now it’s on Steam Greenlight, but when it launches later this year, it’ll have a single-player career mode, online multiplayer, and even split-screen. With any luck, it’ll be on Steam Early Access shortly before that.


I’m slightly worried that procedural generation could lead to bland tracks (nothing beats a lovingly crafted racing game level; NOTHING), but we’ll see. If nothing else, I’m pleased to see that Breakin’ The Law (Breakin’ The Law) is becoming something of a genre, what with games like this and Screencheat popping up on the radar. Then again, if a game encourages you to “cheat,” is it really cheating at all?

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