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Keeping up with esports isn’t easy. Counter-Strike matches are made up of multiple multi-round games. Tournaments quickly turn into time investments. Naturally, you’re gonna miss a few here and there. Or a lot.

YouWrong has come up with an elegant solution to that problem. Their videos straddle the line between full matches and highlight reels. Basically, you get an abridged version of each major match, with all the most important moments cut together so that the broader narrative is still clear.


For the past few days, YouWrong has been focusing on the ELEAGUE Major 2017. Here, for instance, is a recent match between GODSENT and EnVyUs condensed into five minutes:

That one was fairly one-sided, though, which makes it easier to cut down. So here’s that crazy triple-overtime Liquid vs EnVyUs match from over the weekend weighing in at a slim, trim 14 minutes:

Handy, right? I admit that I’ve fallen off of consistently tuning into Counter-Strike esports over the past few months (brief explanation: life, man), but I’m excited to dive back in.

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