A Prime Example of an Exciting New Massively Multiplayer Sci-Fi Epic

Three races vie for control over the one planet in the universe that contains an abundant supply of the element necessary to further technological advancement in Prime: Battle for Dominusm an upcoming science fiction MMO I really should have told you about sooner.

What we're looking at here is actual beta footage of Prime, a science fiction MMO in development for the PC at Phoenix, Arizona's PitchBlack Games, a company made up of refugees from games like Warhammer: Age of Reckoning, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Guild Wars. The premise is that three factions — Human, Salent, and Rodon — are each attempting to gain the upper hand in an ongoing war over the planet Dominus, where the tech-building flavor is. Players choose a faction, one of six character classes, and then start building up skill points so they aren't a liability to their friends and allies. They'll build bases and fashion equipment to help aid their cause, and when they're done with that they'll charge into battle like real men, Salent, and Rodon, which will look a lot like what's going on in the video above.

There'll be plenty of player-versus-environment content as well, with plenty of missions, massive world encounters, and dynamic events driven by real people instead of being scripted.


There's a lot more to learn about Prime: Battle for Dominus, and with release aimed at the second quarter of 2012, there's plenty of time to learn it. This is just an introduction. Prime, meet readers; readers, meet Prime.

Prime: Battle for Dominus [Official Website]

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So let me get this straight. GW2 and SWTOR both look better than this in every way possible besides the awesome dramatic music but GW2 gets almost no coverage and SWTOR gets put down if every rare article that gets put up. I smell a fish!