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A Pricey PSP Bundle With 48 Girl Kisses

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Japan's (literally) biggest girl group, AKB48, is getting its own PlayStation Portable bundle that comes with a whole bunch of sticker kisses for PSP smoochy smoochy. Love like this isn't cheap.

Priced at ¥36,729 (US$441), the bundle includes a special PSP (the PSP-3000AKB), 48 "kiss mark" PSP battery covers, a copy of the PSP title "When You Fall In Love With An Idol...", a 120-minute UMD of bonus features, two "making of" DVDs, ten photos, 48 different "one-one size" kiss mark stickers and 24 reversible game case sleeves of all 48 girls.


The reason why each girl gets her own slip cover or kiss mark battery cover is because fans might like a particular member. With no two girls being alike, the group has so many members in order to appeal to as many different fans.


There is a more reasonably priced bundle at ¥10,479 (US$126). It comes with the bonus UMD, two DVDS, stickers, photos, game covers and a copy of the PSP software. However, it does not come with the AKB-branded PSP. Offered as a stand alone as well, the game has players pick one of the 48 members to fall in love with. There over 10,000 photos of the girls in the game. That's... a lot!

With hits like Aitakatta and Ponytail to Shushu, AKB48 has become the most popular female group in Japan. Depending how many members have left (or "graduated"), the Akihabara-based AKB48 typically has around 48 members at any given time.