A Postcard from No Man's Sky

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Hey boo! I just got your postcard and I’m so happy to hear from you. I miss you so much!


You’re probably well aware that I love being alone. I mean, I think I’m pretty gregarious and outgoing, but nothing feels better than curling up in your ship with a good book, right? I’ve been rereading Station Eleven and thinking about the end of the world. My friend Max (I know, I know, I talk about him all the time) told me that historically speaking after major disasters human beings come together. There’s a book about this I’ve also been meaning to buy but it just seems like every time I get credits, there’s something that needs fixing, you know? Anyway, I thought you might find that factoid interesting. Even when I’m out here all alone, it gives me some comfort.

I’m glad Big Mama is treating you well, even if she ate shit on some nowhere planet for a second. Kick her tires for me, okay? No one treats my friends like that. Hope you get some decent alcohol soon—I know how weird aliens can be about human substances. Haven’t thought of a good name for my ship yet, by the way, but when I’m jet packing up a mountain and I spot her cool blue wings all I can think is, “sweetheart, honey, baby.” I love that girl.

I scooted out from my crash site a little while ago, I was so eager to explore. Almost got trapped on this horrible little rocky moon, the pressure so intense I thought my chest would collapse. But eventually I figured out how to make warp cores and bought some antimatter and now I feel unstoppable.

The universe is so big, you know? I had a friend once who said he’d thought that if there wasn’t a god he’d be disappointed. I feel the exact opposite. Isn’t this massive mistake just so beautiful?

For now I’m hanging out on a chilly planet called Noganeiurul. There’s powdery snow and not-quite-fir-trees everywhere. As much as I say I want to escape my hometown, It’s like I’m trying to recreate it wherever I go. You take the girl out of New England, but….

But the sky and the ground are a beautiful rose, there’s ambling beasts everywhere, these incredible ambling mountains. So for today, that’s where I am. Tomorrow? Who knows.


Love forever,




I love many aspects of the game but there are others that irk me that I hope get changed.

1. Having inventory and suite/ship upgrades share the same slots is fucking annoying.

2. Movement speed is horrible granted I don’t need to sprint everywhere but the regular speed feels like I am walking around with concrete boots on The slow walking speed discourages getting too far from your ship because if you do it takes you forever to walk back..

3. In atmosphere ship handling is a pain in the ass. Its too easy to land in a bad spot because you can’t see where you are going to land. The ship is stuck on one plane when your in atmosphere and there is no way to look down first before you attempt to land.

4. The long as fuck loading time when you start the game. It was cool to see all the stars and what not fly by when you first fire it up but it gets annoying real fast after the 10th time. I just want to play not sit through 3 or 4 minutes of stars first.