This is the most touching marriage proposal involving the word "motherfucker" - and a spiked baseball bat - I've ever seen. A woman enlisted the help of Fallout's modding community to build a level in which she popped the question.


The video is of the entire level, eight minutes long, but to summarize - the guy gets a radio signal from a damsel held by slavers. He then busts into the fortress where she's held, shrugging off gunfire and mowing down raiders run-and-gun style (no VATS!) with a laser gatling, before reaching her cell. The slaver proposes that the player to buy her freedom - in a synthesized voice, it sounds like - but no dice. Down he goes, and then down she goes, on bended knee, to propose to her man.

Nontraditional? Absolutely. But for Fallout 3 fans, imagine being this guy. The process, going by the Bethesda studios forum threads, took nearly three months, start to finish, but it got the job done. Hubby-to-be said yes. Because love, love never changes.


The Fallout 3 Marriage Proposal [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]

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