A PlayStation 3 Reborn

To: Bash
From: Fahey
Re: Bashcraft's Residence In Japan Might Get Permanent

When I first read your Night Note I got this lovely mental picture of your actual dwelling being dipped in molten bronze. Don't worry, you all escaped in time.

I finally recieved a my PlayStation 3 back from Sony today, finally repaired after crappy out shortly after my birthday last month. I've missed my shiny black Foreman grill-looking friend, and after clearing out the games I had been storing in the empty space left by it in my entertainment center I slowly eased my Sony buddy back into place, took a step back, and sighed a contented little sigh. The family is all togehter again, and all is right with the world. I might still have no games for it, but playing Mana Khemia on my PS2 just didn't feel right. Not only that, my blu-ray movies look much better on the PS3 than they did sitting in little tear-soaked piles on the floor.


Perhaps I'll try out this newfangled Metal Gear Solid 4 everybody is on about. I hear it's the bee's knees.

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Mike Fahey

@gencid: Actually, my launch Xbox 360 is still alive and kicking, no problems there, and my Wii has survived a shiny case replacement by my hands with nary a whimper.