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A Platformer That Leapt Out Of A Sketchbook

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

2 is an experimental platformer by hubol that seeks to combine curiosity and platforming. Full of wild visuals, tense boss fights, and cute mini-games, it’s a playful experience that’s a perfect choice for this week’s Indie Pick.

One of the things I appreciate most about 2 is the scope. There’s a genuine sense of adventure that is heightened by the fact that the game has plenty of rooms to explore and collectables to find. It would be very easy to limit players to a series of completely linear challenges but 2 often has splitting paths.


Missing a jump isn’t that big a deal in 2. You might miss screw up only to find that a pit is not a death trap but actually a new space to explore. It is a game about discovery and surprise. There’s no need to worry about peak performance when mistakes unlock as many new challenges as success.

This freewheeling sense of level design marries well with a audio and visual design that turns the world into something resembling the wild, crayon-drawn worlds that leap from children’s imagination. I’m always a fan of creative design that matches games design and 2 injects playfulness into its space with bright colors and chipper music as much as it does with silly bosses and an expanding world.

2 doesn’t have the best platforming and it can be a little difficult to land your jumps. To compensate, it tosses in small flourishes that inject character as well as provide shifts in gameplay. A quick and silly tutorial pokes fun at how games teach controls. Finding a lock chest doesn’t necessarily require a key and can launch you into a mini-game where you punch the hell out of it until you get your treasure. It varies the action and keeps a tongue in cheek tone that propels the gameplay forward.


Platformers are one of the most formative genres in gaming. Experimentation in visual design and how we experience the world turns a familiar concept into something with a unique identity. 2's sense of play is keen and if you’re looking for some quick, colorful platforming, this is a perfect choice.

You can play 2 on Windows and Mac.

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