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Holy crap, I love plastic models. I'm not very good at them, but ever since I was a kid, I adored building them. My favorites growing up were airplanes (I blame Top Gun) and World War II tanks (I blame cool tanks).


Models and Japan are a perfect fit, especially with the country's history of miniature carving and its attention to detail. Yet, many young people just aren't interested in plastic models.

There's so much digital entertainment these days that it seems like the only people who build model kits are old dudes like me. I have two sons, and of course, they're free to play video games. But I've always tried to encourage them to build plastic models, especially because Japan has a slew of famous model makers.


And the quality for some kits is truly amazing.

This past weekend, my eldest son, who is eight, found this Lancia Delta from Hasegawa. He bought it with money he had saved up, and we'll probably get started on it this weekend. He will built it and paint it, and I'll handle the decals.

If you're interested in Hasegawa kids, visit the company's English language site here or the Japanese site here.

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Paradox me

Gundam models were always my thing. Not so much the past ~6 years or so, but they dominated my life for a good while.

Gundam Wing is what sparked the interest, but my favorites were always Universal Century series and kits.

Gouf Flight Type was one that I always wanted.