Who knew that the creation of the iPhone and iPod Touch version of Keita Takahashi's Noby Noby Boy was the outcome of product meetings, focused consumer research and plush executives chanting "iPhone! iPod Touch! iPod Touch! iPhone! iPod Touch! iPhone!!"

That's the cold, profit-driven reality behind Noby Noby Boy's journey to the iPhone, sadly. A bunch of knitted and cotton-stuffed suits trying to target the kindergarten crowd and party people of the world, dazzling them with crazy Boy toys. Curse this industry!

At least we'll benefit from the zany set of mini-apps that let us stretch and shrink Boy, then snap pictures and include them in the iPhone spin-off of the PlayStation Network game. Truth be told, Noby Noby Boy for the iPhone looks like a hell of a lot of fun, even less of a game than the PlayStation 3 original.

Namco Bandai execs, you've figured me out. I'm a party person and I want some Noby Noby Boy on my phone. Here's another look.

In summary, iPhone! iPod Touch! iPod Touch! iPhone! iPod Touch! iPhone!!

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