A PC Gamer Dragged Kicking and Screaming Into the Digital Age

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In today's digital-only edition of Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter TaylorEatWorld tries to find a physical copy of a hit PC game, not knowing what a monumental challenge that is these days.

I'm an absolutely furious gamer right now. Not only that, I'm of a dying breed of PC gamer.. one who likes physical copies of games.

I work at Target, so if I ordered Deus Ex: Human Revolutions (the PC augmented edition which they listed on the site,) I would get 15% off. It was a pretty decent deal and to get my physical copy and I thought it would be worth the wait.


I ordered it on the 20th, it still hasn't arrived.

So I attempted to sign into Target.com to find out what the hell was going on, and they had a site re-haul so I had to dig into the depths of my Gmail for the password/name I used in order to change my password.

Lo and behold, they cancelled my order because "we don't carry the PC edition of this :(".. Then why say that you do!?

Okay, I'm mad, but it's cool, I will actually give in and go to GameStop to get my game, I mean, I heard about this OnLive debacle so I knew I could get my physical copy even though it supported the evil game overlords.


After calling 4 stores, I couldn't find a single one that carries Deus Ex: Human Revolution for PC (let alone the augmented edition). One store actually told me he knew of one that did out of state! Jesus Christ I love physical copies but not that much! After explaining the situation to the last guy at GameStop, he asked curiously "do you know what Steam is?"

After that, I checked Best Buys, Wal-Marts, whatever I thought might carry a physical version that I could play within the next few days. No luck at all.


So now I'm being dragged, kicking and screaming mind you, into the digital age. I'm putting my credit card info on Steam as we speak to download it.

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do you know what Steam is?

ok, if there's any part that makes me angry it's this. One of the reasons why I like going to physical stores rather than going on steam is that I actually like customer service. I like talking to a knowledgeable staff about which game they would suggest, have they played this game, is it any good, etc.

The time where a game store clerk can be that oblivious and actually suggest they should go to their competitors is long gone. Take the time and check your computers, look in the back, check to see if you can order the damn thing. Don't let the dying breed of people who actually want to shop at your store go away!