A Pair Of Batman Toys Escape From Arkham City

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DC Universe will be releasing a line of action figures based on the upcoming Batman game, Arkham City. The first two on the market will be Batman and Two-Face, who come packaged together in the one box. Which is awkward.


Pack Batman in on the Harvey Dent side and it'll be swell! Pack him in so he's facing the burned-to-near-death side, though, and things could get complicated.

This double pack is selling for $30.99. For 6-inch figures with fairly basic detailing and some awful joint lines, that's a steep price. Not that any of that will stop these figure's target market from buying them anyway, but hey, just figured we'd point that out!


Arkham City Batman and Two Face combo ready to pre-order [Tomopop]

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Couldn't Batman be posed just a little better...it makes his figure look crap. The Two-Face one looks pretty good, but that join across the Bat's chest looks pretty rough.