A Number That Is Too Large

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An estimated 350,000 people played last year's Madden NFL 10 once online and never played it online again, series creative director Ian Cummings recently told Kotaku.


He and publisher EA are mum on online multiplayer details for this summer's Madden NFL 11, but that's a number the creators of one of gaming's biggest franchises clearly wants to reduce.

More than a third of a million people dare to go online with a game and never try it a second time? Something or somethings are scaring them away.


I have never played Madden online - I think it's weird. But from friends who have, lots of people will quit in the middle of a game if they are down even on TD - that would piss me off and probably turn me off.

Second, you have these annoying assclowns that talk gangster bullshit that is really hard to tolerate - and also the reason I rarely use my headset in MW:2.

I think Madden, like MW:2, is very susceptible to the gangsta assclow demographic. It's sad. Gangsta assclowns should only be filtered to only play each other because they do enjoy that, but I, as a non-gansta, non-assclown, can't f'ing stand it.

I am not making this about race either. The majority of these assclowns are probably 12 year old white kids with shitty parents and one too many 50 Cent albums.