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A Number of Boom Blox Developers Let Go

Illustration for article titled A Number of Boom Blox Developers Let Go

Electronic Arts this week let go a number of developers working on Steven Spielberg Wii puzzle tile Boom Blox, the company told Kotaku.


The game might have been viewed as a "dud" at first, but the original Boom Blox went on to sell over 450,000 copies.


When asked about the decision to let some of the Boom Blox developers go, a company spokesperson replied: "This is a routine event and not in any way related to EA's announced restructuring. Moving projects to leverage development strengths is common in global studio organizations. In this case, a small project has been moved from EA Los Angeles, to the EA Bright Light Studio in Guildford, UK, where the Harry Potter franchise and several of the Hasbro properties are developed. A small number of employees were impacted by the decision. All eligible employees will receive severance and outplacement assistance. EA remains fully committed to maintaining its EALA studio which is the headquarters for the mobile division as well as for development of franchises like Medal of Honor, Command & Conquer and others."

The original Boom Blox was released in 2008, and a sequel was released the following year. Last summer, EA stressed its commitment to its partnership with Oscar-winning filmmaker Steven Spielberg.

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Is anyones job safe in this industry?