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A Nomination For Coolest Game Developer Of The Year

This is Uber Entertainment's Aung Zaw Oo an animator and man of... other talents. Great, yet another game developer who eats potato chips. Oh, and he can juggle. And sit in a chair. But look at how he does it!


You may remember Aung Zaw Oo, who goes by AZO, from April, when he posted his real-life take on Mirror's Edge

The Kirkland, Washington-based Uber Entertainment where AZO works is developing unannounced video game projects. Consider me officially curious.

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Nice stuff. He's into Parkour,juggling,skateboarding and Martial Arts (he's doing a little bit of Wushu swordplay there). And he's a videogame animator? What does this guy NOT do??

I bet he's single. No way he's married and/or has kids and has time to do stuff like these...Ooh I hate you single-living people!