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A New World Record For Beating Super Mario World While Blindfolded

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Watch in wonder as a Super Mario World player defeats Bowser without ever setting eyes on him.

Earlier this year, きらめきでどーだい made headlines after figuring out how to beat the original Super Mario Bros. blindfolded in a blazing 14:46. Today he is back with a new record: Super Mario World, defeated blindfolded in a whopping 17:46. The run was completed on the Wii U version of the game:

So, how does he do it? During the run, I noted ample use of sound cues, and you can even hear the speedrunner counting at certain intervals in Japanese, to make sure he got the timing of the jumps just right. When he can, きらめきでどーだい tries to avoid danger altogether by either flying or swimming above the danger. The run is not perfect: きらめきでどーだい actually dies at a couple of points, which means that the time could be improved more still. Wild.


Last year, the Super Mario World blindfolded record was attained by PangaeaPanga at 23:14. きらめきでどーだい outright thanks Panga for creating the initial run, which proved to be instructional on きらめきでどーだい’s own attempts to learn the route.