A New Way To Navigate PlayStation Home

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Taking a cue from the popular PlayStation 3 cross media bar, PlayStation Home 1.35 goes live tomorrow, with an all-new navigation interface that makes getting around easier than ever.


The changes in PlayStation Home version 1.35 focus on speed and ease-of-use, making the experience of logging in to Sony's virtual world as easy as making your avatar do the Running Man.

It all starts when you launch the service. Instead of having to click through message screens, you'll be transported directly to a new intuitive navigation interface, which functions much like the PS3's XMB. There you'll have access to categories that include Favorites, which is self-explanatory; Personal Spaces; Friends, which allows you to quickly find your friends in Home; Explore, which lets you browse everything; and Recommend, where Sony will be pushing the new spaces they'd like you to check out.

It looks like a big improvement over the current interface, being much more organized and a little more attractive to boot.

PlayStation Home 1.35 will be live tomorrow, after a brief period of downtime while Sony works its upgrade magic.

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Stanley Kirk Burrell

Yeah that's an improvement. Do the speed improvements also mean performance improvements? I can't stand the load times between each area. Why can't the main playstation areas comprise a single zone (mall, theater, plaza, etc.)?