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A New Way To Get Toto's 'Africa' Stuck In Your Head

When was the last time you heard an a capella send up of shooter Battlefield: Bad Company 2? Never? Me too!

Sit back and enjoy this wonderful, voices-only original song that waxes poetic about Electronic Arts' 2010 shooter at the expense of those playing it, and, of course, shooter rival Call of Duty: Black Ops.

It's pretty freakin great.

I hear a gunshot echo in the night
It's quiet here on Nelson Bay when wookies get their camp on
I take him out with my 4x Noob sight But he'll be back
To piss me off as soon as he can respawn


I see a camping asshole in our base
Waiting to steal our chopper so he can fly around and rape us
I take my engineer kit in my hand and say
Hurry Boys! The Hind is after you!

Gonna take more than Black Ops to drive me away from you
Ain't nothing that a million C4 Whores could ever do
Let's bring the pain down in Arica
While we're at it let's tear them a new one on Port Valdez Too


Gonna squad up and play some rush tonight
Hoping to find a lobby that isn't mostly full of douchebags
C4 on the UAV ain't right, If that's their plan
We'll raid their base and steal the driver's dog tags
Better fall back 'cause victory's in sight
Hurry Boys! The Tank is after you!


[Thanks excaliburps, especially for getting Toto's Africa stuck in my head... REALLY!!!!]

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This was too much of a stretch.