A New Perspective on Super Street Fighter IV

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition is one of the must-have launch games for the 3DS. It's packed with a lot of neat extras like online multiplayer, 35 playable characters, figurine mode, spectator mode and one option that will completely change your perspective on Street Fighter games... literally.


It makes sense that a game coming to the 3DS would sport a 3D mode, but this new type of gameplay isn't exactly what you may be expecting.


Sure the mode is in 3D, but so is everything else in the game when you have Nintendo's new portable cranked up to max 3D. But what really makes the 3D mode unique is that it completely changes the perspective of gameplay. Instead of watching the action unfold from a side view, 3D mode presents the character through an over-the-shoulder camera that adds a new level of depth to the animation whether you have 3D turned on or not.

With 3D cranked up, fighters almost appear to be fighting down a hallway that drops away into your 3DS. Fireballs flow away from you until they hit or are blocked, and throws become a much harder thing to predict because distance is a bit harder to determine.

It certainly isn't a mode for everyone, but it's a neat addition to the game that adds a bit of flavor to a perspective I never thought Capcom would really tinker with.

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Switch the video to HD mode to see the game in all of its glory.

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Wow, that over-the-shoulder perspective looks even better than I thought. I could see myself playing through the game like that just for some added challenge.