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A New Justice League Video Game is Not Something That Should Sneak Up on You

I should not be finding out a game starring The Flash, Green Lantern, Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman a week before release. I need more time to prep myself for Justice League: Earth's Final Defense, due out by the end of this month for iOS.


I certainly shouldn't be finding out about it from a listing for beta testers written in broken English on the TouchArcade forums via a link from the Superman Homepage, yet here we are.

Justice League: Earth's Final Defense is a beat-em up action arcade game featuring the Earth's other mightiest heroes. The big five team up to take on the bad guys, using their awesome powers to hit things until they fall down. Along the way they'll collect DC Comics hero cards to enhance their abilities.


While those support characters won't appear in the game, the fab five will have a wide variety of unlockable suits, from Superman's black and silver duds to Wonder Woman's unfortunate jacket combo.

Need more info? This is from Korean developer Netmarble's forum post:

Are you a fan of DC Comics?
Do you love to play action arcade game?
Here we give you the great opportunity to be the DC Comics' 5 super heroes.

Well I'm sold.

Wanted: 20 testers for JUSTICE LEAGUE: Earth's Final Defense! [TouchArcade Forums via Superman Homepage]

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"Here we give you the great opportunity to be the DC Comics' 5 super heroes."

Justice League generally has seven members in its best incarnations. Even money that the two missing are Aquaman and Martian Manhunter.