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A New, Improved KORG DS-10

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Fans of the KORG DS-10 music creation software for the Nintendo DS will be happy to know that cavia, inc. and Procyon Studio are working hard on an enhanced version, aptly named KORG DS-10 Plus.

KORG DS-10 Plus isn't a sequel, but rather a revamped version of the original application, already released in Japan, with new and tweaked features implemented in order to create a more complete experience. Performance has been enhanced in Plus, with 12-voice polyphony, 4 tracks for the analog synthesizer simulator, and 2 drum machines, along with enhancements to existing controls, including the ability to mute per track and edit/play enabled in song mode.


As an added bonus for DSi owners, KORGT DS-10 Plus allows for 2 effect layers when played on Nintendo's more powerful version of the DS hardware.


"We are extremely pleased to build on the success of the original KORG DS-10 with the KORG DS-10 Plus," stated Jun Iwasaki, President of XSEED Games. "Musicians and gamers alike banded together for the original, and we believe the enhanced KORG DS-10 Plus will help bring that community even closer together as anyone with a desire can create professional-sounding original music with a portable device."

XSEED is bring KORG DS-10 Plus to the North American DS and DSi early next year.