A New Doctor Who Game, Just In Time For A New Doctor

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At this point, between this past weekend's 50th Anniversary special and the upcoming regeneration of the 11th (or 12th) Doctor, my Doctor Who excitement level is so high I don't care that this week's mobile game release looks like Puzzle & Doctors.


Doctor Who: Legacy, developed by Tiny Rebel Games and Seed Studios, looks a lot like the worldwide sensation, Puzzle & Dragons, and that's just fine. Forming a team of the Doctor and four of your favorite companions/allies is something I do in my head pretty much constantly anyway, so why not add some bubble matching to the mix and call it a game?

The game launches on Android and iOS on the 27 of November, featuring content culled from the most recent two seasons of the show. Season five will show up as free DLC before the end of the year, and from there developers will travel backwards through fifty years of history.


How will number 13 fit in? Let's get to the point where we see more than the top of his face first.


My god though, that special. Did you watch it? Did you cry? Did you have happy tears? Did you pump your fist when Peter Capaldi's eyebrows showed up?

I'd say try to avoid spoilers in the comments, but if you're a fan and you've not seen the special by now, you are no fan.

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I dunno, man. I think I DID come close to tears a bit (nowhere near as bad as Donna's farewell episode... you know the one... I put my face in my hands and BAWLED... my husband loves to tell the story, and I ain't embarrassed), but I wasn't a huge fan of the big twist. It just sort of... seemed to cheapen everything the Doctor has gone through and felt because that's such a huge defining moment. Doctor Who has always been about hard choices, and it's had its share of Deus Ex Machinas, but this one just seemed too much. (Also, heads up for everyone happily chattering about the spoilers that just got revealed for the Christmas special on Twitter... thanks, jerks.)

I am looking forward to Capaldi though. I LOVED Tennant (and am... okay with Smith), but I loved the way Eccleston brought such an intensity and drive to the role, especially since he could so effortlessly flip between charming and dire. Even when Smith tries to be serious and scary, he still comes off as goofy to me because he's goofy 99% of the time (and so was Tennant), but I think we're due for a Doctor who can make you believe the weight and the power the legacy of the Time Lords has left him with, and I think Capaldi could deliver that.