A Nasty Division Bug Is Locking Some Players Out Of The Game

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A bummer of a bug has been completely locking some players out of The Division, and the developers at Ubisoft Massive say they’re working on a fix. The cause? Backpacks.


The problem seems to involve players who craft high-end backpacks, only to find that those backpacks disappear from their inventory. Before long the players are unable to log in at all.

I’ve gotten a couple of emails over the past few days from players who have experienced the bug, though it remains unclear just how widespread it is. For my part, I’ve crafted a high-end backpack and haven’t had any trouble logging in, but an increasing number of players on the game’s subreddit and on Ubisoft’s forums have reported being locked out.


One reader sent a pair of videos of it happening to him. First, you can see him log in and find that his backpack slot is empty, which shouldn’t be possible:

He then tries to log in a second time and can’t; the second video is basically just an endless loading screen. As of this morning, he’s still locked out of the game. He says he’s been locked out for six days. Fun!

A Ubisoft community manager acknowledged the problem in one of the support threads dedicated to the bug and said they’re working on a fix:

We are aware that some of you are experiencing an issue where you are locked out of your account. This is usually caused by having crafted a High-End backpack. We are looking to resolve this, it’s one of our main priorities at the moment.


They then asked players to report the bug in the associated thread.

While I haven’t experienced the backpack bug, I have been noticing some general crustiness to The Division’s performance lately. In particular, hit detection seems to be operating on a more consistent delay than it was during the past couple of weeks. I’ll shoot a dude a bunch of times and the hits won’t register for a half a second longer than usual. It’s more pronounced when I’m playing with a group, but noticeable even when I’m going solo. I’m also seeing more odd delays when using a resupply box or changing gear, that sort of thing.


Some of this could be related to the 1.0.2 patch, which dropped yesterday. The patch promised to address a bunch of lingering problems with exploits and economy balance, though Ubisoft Massive altered it at the last moment because some of the changes were causing instability in the game.

When the patch first launched it actually wasn’t working as intended—farmable bosses were still around, and the Dark Zone balance was apparently screwed up. That screw-up necessitated a server reset for Massive to fix things, though the game was quickly back online and the patch appeared to be working as intended.


I’d been hearing about the backpack bug since before the update, but given how rocky the patch’s launch was, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that it might be contributing to some of the other, lower-level issues in the game.

Massive has done a good job of quickly responding to player complaints and bugs so far, but given that some players have been locked out of the game for days, the backpack bug is the sort of thing that shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Hopefully they’ll fix it soon.


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Omg, people have problems with backpacks since Ultima 8 Pagan! On that game, if you put a backpack inside another... let’s just say your game divided by zero.

And you’d need to reformat your hard disk drive. Let me repeat that: a bug in a game would force you to reformat your hard drive. Yes, it was that bad. And yes, it was made by one of the companies that now comprise Eletronic Arts.

World of Warcraft, to this day, won’t let you take out the first backpack with 16 slots. You can fill it with empty backpacks, and these can have 36 slots each, and you can put 4 or 5 backpacks in empty backpack spaces and walk with 5 backpacks in these usable slots, having 36 backpacks stored in each slot of these open backpacks, but you still can’t unequip the first 16 slot backpack.

It seems they figured how to unequip it without breaking the game, eventually it will be patched in.

So, a backpack locking you out? Par for the course. Bag’em and tag’em. A riddle packed in a mystery wrapped in a secret backpack of secrets.