A Moving Tribute To Metal Gear Solid 3's Ridiculous Ladder Climb

You may previously have thought this was the most boring thing in Metal Gear history. A ladder that seemingly goes on forever. A test of your patience and nerves.


It's not. You just needed to see the ordeal in a new light. Like James Howell here, who writes in addition to the video above:

This is a tribute to the most stalwart of sentries, colossus in whose shadow the battle of generations rages, the mirror held up to society that reflects back the ugly descent to the next lowest floor or maintenance platform (whichever comes first).

Be powerful, ladder. Your elevatorial competitors fail when the power gets cut, but you, with cement bolted mettle, harry onward and inherit the world or at least the next level up anyway.


MGS Ladder Tribute || Can Rungs Bloom on the Battlefield? AKA Tearfully...[YouTube, via Attract Mode]

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At first it was like "stupid long ass ladder"

Then the music kicked in and it became the best thing ever.