A Most Unexpected Rock Cover Of A Classic Nintendo Tune

Besides the Mario, Zelda and Metroid themes, one of the best musical compositions from Nintendo just might be the music that plays when you're shopping for downloadable games on the Wii. Really! Someone has made a rock cover of it.

For context, this is the regular Wii shopping music. It's peppy and charming. It makes shopping seem fun.

Got it? Has it made you happier than you were a few minutes ago?

Now open this MP3 link in a new window to hear a rock 'n roll cover by musician Shawn Phase and friends. It's part of their Now Youre Playing With Powar 9/1 album.


I prefer the original but am happy to know that this great tune is getting some attention. A good effort, Shawn Phase.

You can buy the album at the link below.

(But if you want to hear jazzy versions of some even better classic Nintendo tunes, we've got that for you right here.)

Now Youre Playing With Powar 9/12 [Temp Sound Solutions site via Tiny Cartridge]

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