A Most Suggestive Game Dick, Err Disc

Recently released Way of the Samurai 4 doesn't come on your typical game disc — makes sense as it's not your typical game!

The fourth installment in The Way of the Samurai series looks...ahem...different. It's another samurai game, but this time peppered this time with heavy S&M imagery.


There are NSFW scenes of men in tiny underpants being whipped and being lowered on a "wooden horse", which was used for torture in Japan during the 15th century's Warring States Period.

These days it's still used in S&M play.

Whiffs of masochistic imagery appear on the game disc, leading to some Japanese netizens to say selling back the game after they've finished it could prove embarrassing, especially to a female clerk.


【PS3】『侍道4』拷問シーンの直撮り動画公開!製品版のディスクがヤバイ!w [先天性快楽病]

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