A Month-Long Race To See Who Can Finish 21 Final Fantasy Games First

One month. Two speedrunners. 21 Final Fantasy games.

It's an insane, sleep-depriving mission that will likely drive both participants insane: for the entire month of December, two gamers are going head to head in a live race to beat the entire single-player Final Fantasy catalog, plus some extras, like X-2 and Lightning Returns. (Here's the full list.)


I've been following this race since yesterday, and there's something kind of amazing about watching people marathon these games. The rules: no skipping cut-scenes; yes taking sleep breaks; whoever finishes everything first wins.

In corner one is Crumps2, who as of press time is taking a sleep break:

And in corner two is Cereth, who just started Final Fantasy III:

If you're curious, you can check back here throughout the month to see how they're doing. (Or use this link for a side-by-side view.) They've also got Patreons set up in case you want to donate and convince them to take on ridiculous incentives. Here's Crumps2 and here's Cereth.

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