The special edition Star Wars version of the Xbox 360, which our pals at Gizmodo ogled last summer, looks like R2D2. Fittingly, it packs a secret message from Princess Leia, as you can see from this video that we shot of the unit.


We haven't found any other surprises. And we're sure there are no jet-thrusters packed in its. The Star Wars 360 comes with a white Kinect and a C3-PO-gold Xbox 360 controller, as part of a package to hype the pending release of Star Wars Kinect. We'll have a review of that game next week.

The Star Wars 360 bundle includes a 320GB harddrive, the Kinect, the Star Wars game and a copy of Kinect Adventures. Yours for $450.. unless you shop at Amazon and want massive savings (see below)...

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