Nostalgia is a weird beast — one that bubbles up and gets excited for the most random things. If this trailer is any indication, Matador is giving my inner PC gaming child a run for its money.

Matador has a lot of things going for it: The isometric angle, the fact that it's chock full 'o mechs, the gritty industrial backdrop. It also helps that it has a soundtrack that harkens back to Bullfrog's Syndicate or the original X-COM. The game also promises random, roguelike action with no saves and no XP, for that brutal difficulty curve that so many of today's games lack.


Matador is scheduled for release sometime in the summer of 2014 for PC, Mac & Linux. For more info about the developer, go here. You can also vote for Matador on Steam Greenlight, if your inner PC gaming child compels you.

Via Indiestatik

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