A May 2013 Kotaku article about a gamer learning to drive in part with the help of a video game appears to have been based on a hoax that we fell for. Ugh! We've updated the original article. Sorry, folks.


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Kudos for updating an article over 18 months old and letting us know about it.

I missed the original article or I would have shared my own driving "game" story.

My parents got me a racing wheel/petals and an honest to god 'drivers ed' computer program when I was 15 which guided me through turn signals, steady acceleration, even parallel parking complete with small 'driving' segments which would practice those skills.

Of course, my favorite 'level' was section 15: Driving under the influence. Why? Because the driving segment simulated you being drunk... the wheel would respond sluggishly then turn too far, the brakes would take an extra second or two to kick in, etc.

I took this as a challenge. Me and one of my friends probably spent the better part of a few days carefully mastering the 'drunken' car and driving it around. The best part is that after a certain point the other cars would just stop following the rules of the road and run stop signs, etc. Still, in some small way, it all taught me how to drive.

... oh my. Just found a youtube. This is bringing back memories.