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A Sniper Rifle Has Never Been So Romantic

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Forget about the items you've found inside Team Fortress 2 Mann Co. supply crates—there's no way those items are as sweet as the stuff inside this real-life Mann Co. crate.

That's because this is a special crate, created by MrHackworth when he wanted to ask his sweetheart's hand in marriage.

"After four amazing years, I finally decided to pop the question to my girlfriend," MrHackworth wrote on imgur. "At our four year anniversary dinner I gave her a Mann Co. Key and left her stewing over what it was for until we got home."


The image he provides is small, but here's what the key looked like:

They key, of course, was for a crate:


Inside, she found some sniper-exclusive items...


The Jarate jar, in case you're wondering, is NOT actual urine—unlike the actual item in the game, which you use to weaken enemies.


"I actually toyed around with a few things, resin, oil applejuice," MrHackWorth explained on Reddit. "But I wanted something that wouldn't go off anytime soon, it's yellow dish washing liquid."


The sniper, meanwhile is a "combination of 3D printed and hand made parts" according to MrHackWorth.


"The scope was mainly plumbing parts and I printed adaptor pieces to fit them together," he explained. "The other printed parts were the stand that fits the scope to the stock, the trigger and the laser."

And when she looked inside the scope of the rifle, here's what she found:



She said yes—which might not be surprising to hear when you consider that they're a geeky couple that plays TF2 together. As you might've guessed, she likes playing sniper. He likes engineer. And together, I'm sure they make a lovely force out on the battlefield.