​A Lovely Look Back at America's Biggest Fighting Game Tournament

EVO 2014 is gone but not forgotten. And it was filled with amazing happenings like Louffy's improbable winstreak with Rose and Justin Wong's insane Marvel vs. Capcom comeback. Here's how it looked to the people who were lucky enough to go to see the best duke it out in Las Vegas.


For the last few years, Richard Li brings his camera to the Evolution tourney to capture the wins, losses and—most importantly—fan excitement at the long-running tourney. Even if you watched as many streams as you could, you still weren't seeing all of the shock, tears, hype and joy moving through the crowd. Seriously, this is chock full of goosebump-inducing moments, especially towards the end. Great stuff.

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Fond memories. And it was only two weeks ago!

Since the death of arcades in Vegas, Evo is a breath of badass hype air.