A Love of Learning is the Guide to Life—and Video Games

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Video games are not a complete and total waste of time. Assassin's Creed teaches you world history. Metal Gear Solid teaches politics and philosophy. And Cooking Mama teaches you, well, cooking.


Those are some of the nuggets of wisdom at "Real Things Video Games Teach You," a tumblr that in two days has compiled nearly 60 examples of the positive things a game can contribute to your development. Some seem a little tongue-in-cheek (Grand Theft Auto teaches you "managing consequences.") but all the entries contain some earnest defense of the medium.

What have video games taught you? They've taught me how to hit the green with a 5-iron on No. 12 at Pebble Beach.


Real Things Video Games Teach You [tumblr]

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Videogames teach logic that can only be applied to the game that you're playing. Real world application of "knowledge" obtained through a videogame is dicey at best. Stating that Metal Gear teaches politics & philosophy is the equivalent to saying that Star Wars teaches you astronomy. It's laughable.