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A Love Letter, Of Sorts, To World Of Warcraft

World of Warcraft has seen its fair share of clones and wannabes over the years, but few have been as blatant - or as touching - as World of Lordcraft.

Instead of pitching itself as direct competitor, WoL is a turn-based online strategy game (think Civony), which its creators say is a "fan game".

We'd tell you how it worked, but the guide page is "under construction". We'd tell you about the game's units and buildings, but those pages are "under construction" too. In fact, about the only thing not under construction is WoL's "home" page.


Which reads like this:

World of warcraft is a classical game,we all love it . It gives us too much memory about azeroth. But most of people can`t spent much time in WOW,job and life things allways take too much time.SO,world of loardcraft is coming now.


Warms the heart, doesn't it? Shine on, World of Lordcraft, shine on.

World of Lordcraft [via IdleThumbs]

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