When you travel all over the country documenting the skill and enthusiasm behind some of the best cosplay going, you're bound to capture a bunch of truly excellent moments. The folks behind the Cosplay Boom documentary series did exactly that and are sharing some of their favorites. Bask in the wow, won't you?

The thing that Cosplay Boom—currently fundraising for its second season— gets across is the passion that drives fans to cut, sew and craft their own costumed tributes. Not only do you see great Mass Effect or World of Warcraft cosplay, you get to hear why someone's free time went to making a standout Commander Shepard or Lightbringer get-up.

Amie Bosshart as Tali from Mass Effect


From left to right: Lyz Brickley, Darshelle Stevens, Mel Hoppe, Cnidarium, Sam Skyler, and Hillary Jae

Will Morgan (WMArmory) as The Cultist from Skyrim

Apocalyptic Ash as Officer Jenny and Aenne Schumann as Nurse Joy from Pokemon

Best Friends Cosplay as Sailor Moon characters

Beth Hodgson as a Naga from World of Warcraft

CoreGeek associate as The Mad Hatter

CoreGeek associate as Carl Fredricksen from Up

Yaya Han as Batgirl


Cosplay Py as Grand Empress Shek'zeer

Agents of A.I.M. costumes by Kevin Pishion

Dahlia Cortez as The Corpse Bride

Danielle Preston as Faora from Man of Steel and Apocalyptic Ash as Athena from Borderlands

Lyz Brickley

Katherine Erin Godden as Gozer from Ghostbusters

Nightfever Cosplay

AllieCat Art & Cosplay as Flemeith from Dragon Age

Punished Props as Draugr Deathlords from Skyrim

Pyro and Demoman

Rob Doran as Iron Man

Ryan Wells as Hoggle from Labyrinth

Super Milk Cosplay as Teemo from League of Legends