A Look at the Earlier Works of Minecraft's Creator

Markus "Notch" Persson didn't succeed with his original attempt at games development, bringing us Minecraft on the first try. The 31-year-old Swedish developer has been programming since age eight. Yesterday, he shared a gallery of his earlier work, showing that success doesn't come from one effort, but from many attempts, in fits and starts.

The work represents a wide variety of genres: platformers, side-scrollers and, yes, first person adventure games. Here are four screengrabs from Persson's gallery. The quotes are his. See more at the Imgur gallery link.

Markus Persson's Gallery of Past Work [imgur]


"Over-the top side scrolling shooter. I used a lot of assembler in this one for the sprite rendering, and got kinda disappointed when the game got slow anyway when there was a billion sprites at once." [more]

"I tend to use the name "Rubylands" as a placeholder for almost all my RPGs, hoping it'll stick to one of them. This was a free-scrolling JRPG type engine, complete with monster battles." [more]


"First person tile based dungeon crawler attempt with variable floor/ceiling heights. It had an animated fire texture, variable colored fog, and per-tile brightness. For some reason, this was made in VESA."[more]


"Free-roaming wolfenstein type engine with mouse interaction for clicking items and opening doors. The entire rightmost part of the screen works as an inventory. Purely an engine test and a learning experience. The walls are bump-mapped, and the sky has a neat parallax effect."[more]

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