A Look At Super Mario Galaxy 2's Cosmic Guide and Cloud Mario

See the recently-revealed Cloud Mario in action, check out the cosmic version of New Super Mario Bros. hand-holding Super Guide, and see who you'll be controlling as player two in this latest trailer for Super Mario Galaxy 2.

The new trailer opens with a bit of two-player action, with player one controlling Mario and player two controlling a star-like Luma, and as you can see, there's much more for player two to do this time around than simply collect star bits. Enough to get the cute little Luma integrated into the game's logo, surely.


Then we get a look at the Cosmic Guide, the Super Mario Galaxy 2 version of Nintendo's Super Guide, which essentially takes control of the game from you and shows you how you're supposed to play. It's still a crutch, but this time around it's a Princess Peach-shaped crutch.


Finally we have Cloud Mario. Revealed last week, Cloud Mario does just what we expected him to do, creating little cloud platforms to help him reach those hard-to-reach places.

Edit: Or Rosalina. It's not my fault she looks like Princess Peach in a nightgown.


So, what do you think? I have a feeling my girlfriend will really get a kick out of playing my Luma sidekick, but that's just me. As for the Cosmic Guide, I very much doubt that's an option I'll ever choose to utilize.

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Peach? Isn't that Rosalina? I think that'd make more sense, since she's....you know....from the first Mario Galaxy...