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A Look At Steam's Current Top Seller, Battlerite

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Battlerite is an absurd name for a game but never fear because it’s a really good game! It’s a team based action MOBA by Stunlock Studios in early access for the PC right now. And it’s managed to tickle an itch for mayhem I never knew I had.

On face value, there was nothing to draw my attention to Battlerite other than its position as a top seller on Steam. I don’t have much experience with arena combat games like SMITE or the complex strategies of Dota 2 and other more intricate MOBAs. I was intimidated. But Battlerite is accessible, frantic, and a really great time.


You have a choice of fifteen champions to play with as you test you mettle against other opponents in either 2v2 or 3v3 matches. The latter matches get a little too hectic but the 2v2 experience are just the right level of mad, in your face action with tactical ability usage. And while the potential for incredibly high level play exists, one of the things I’ve enjoy the most about Battlerite thus far is how approachable it was.


I picked a champion on a whim. His name was Croak and he was a deadly frog person with big ass knives. He’s a stealthy character all about moving around like a chameleon and angling for a choice backstab or well placed spit of toxins. The barrier to entry was surprisingly low and I soon managed to find powerful skill combos that allowed me to face down foes with confidence.

There’s a lot for me to learn in Battlerite. Match ups, what bonuses to pick at the start of a round, and how to get the most out of my champions. I’ve barely scratched the surface but I’m already eager to leap right back in. I’m going to go play more right away. I’m not going to even end this sent-