A Look At Silent Hill 8 On A Dark & Stormy Night

The psychological horror series Silent Hill appears to be on a return to its roots with the next entry, a dark, stormy and flashlight-lit scarefest that's very different from the more cerebral and most recent entry, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

The Silent Hill trademarks are intact in this E3 trailer, with a town that transforms from dilapidated, monster-filled hellhole to a rusted, metallic monster-filled hellhole. Even the prison jumpsuits transform in the game they're still calling Silent Hill 8.


Developer Vatra Games and Konami are promising the next Silent Hill game will hit the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 sometime in 2011, telling the sad story of one Murphy Pendleton.

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I'm definitely more interested in this game than I was in Shattered Memories, since the Otherworld actually looks FOREBODING and threatening, instead of empty and boring.

Seriously, I don't quite know how Climax managed to mess up the point of Silent Hill so badly, but hopefully Vatra pulls it off better. The atmosphere is spot-on, they just need to make sure the character models and animations are up to snuff.