A Look At Fallout New Vegas' Dead Money

A quest for an NPC you'd just rather shoot than talk to, for a payoff that's probably disappointing, if not a lie? That's classic Fallout. Except in Dead Money, Fallout New Vegas' first DLC extension, you don't have a choice.


Dead Money arrives Dec. 21 and costs 800 Microsoft Points. It's an Xbox 360 exclusive.

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The Laughing Man

Not sure why, but this looks freaking awesome. Maybe it's the story or the guns, I think there are some new abilities shown on there? I haven't played New Vegas but read a bunch about it, shoot, I need to finish Fallout 3 before I can start thinking about this.

Finish Fallout 3....take the plunge after the Holidays and buy New Vegas. Oh, god. Decisions, decisions!

I am about 85% (rough estimate) done the main story in Fallout 3 and I want to finish some sidequests but I really have enjoyed the game so far, very. I thought the writing was great in Fallout 3 but heard it was even better in Vegas- also improving upon how the whole story unfolds. I often found myself in Fallout 3 wondering how events were chained together, or how some people got involved with certain things.

How's it run on the 360? The system reqs. for the PC don't seem too bad, but I wanted to keep my Fallout experience on the console I played Fallout 3 on.