A Look at Darkspore's Competitive Arena Matches

Kotaku got an early look at upcoming PC action role-playing game Darkspore's cooperative multiplayer a couple of weeks back, but this latest video we get a look at the player-versus-player action.


In this producer diary, Maxis Gameplay Engineer Michael Arsers walks us through what it takes for a team to win in the game's player-versus-player battles. In the game, we're told, players choose from characters they earn in the co-op campaign for these battles. Maxis says, that the characters who are upgraded and customized in the campaign carry over their attributes, skills and gear when they are chosen for PvP combat.

To win in these best-of-three matches, you're going to need to make sure you build a strong team with abilities that augment each other.



that man has some crazy eyebrow action!